Geoff Lehman

Geoff Lehman received his B.A. in humanities from Yale University, where he studied literature, philosophy, and art history in an interdisciplinary context. He received his PhD in art history from Columbia University, with a dissertation on the relationship between perspective and Renaissance landscape painting. Before coming to Bard College Berlin, Geoff taught art history for several years in Columbia University’s core curriculum. His research interests include the theory and history of perspective, landscape painting and land art, the phenomenology of art and of viewer response, and the relationship between art and philosophy. Geoff is currently working with Bard College Berlin colleague Michael Weinman on a study of the Parthenon in relation to Plato and to ancient Greek music theory and mathematics. Geoff joined the faculty at Bard College Berlin as a fellow in 2006, and became a member of the permanent faculty in 2008.

Classes Taught at Bard College Berlin

Core courses
Forms of Love
Renaissance Florence

Greek Civilization: Plato's Republic and Its Interlocutors
Objectivity. Saper vedere: Knowing How to See

Foundational and Advanced Modules
Raphael, Titian, and the Art of Painting
Vision and Perspective
Pablo Picasso
Landscape, Land Art, and the City
Photography and Modernity
Perspective in the Renaissance
Leonardo da Vinci
Methods and Interpretation: The Visual Arts
Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Las Meninas

General Teaching Interests

Italian and Northern Renaissance art; art and viewer response; art theory and criticism; painting; photography