Jeffrey Champlin

Jeffrey Champlin received his PhD from New York University. Over the past ten years, he has taught at NYU, Middlebury, and Bard's campuses in New York, Berlin, and the West Bank. His teaching and research focuses on connections between literature, the fine arts, philosophy, and political theory. Jeffrey's book, The Making of a Terrorist: On Classic German Rogues, turns to Goethe, Schiller, and Kleist for surprising responses to political violence from voices on the margins of society. Hannah Arendt is one of his main research focuses and he is an associate fellow at Bard College's Arendt Center. His current project, Mutant Romanticism and Fundamentalist Thought, traces the epistemological and political effects of imagined acts of rebirth in Pietism, German Idealism, Romanticism, and Arendt's philosophy of natality. He also teaches literature at the Barenboim-Said Academy and in Bard's Language and Thinking Program.