Alumni Bard College Berlin

David Kretz, Austria
Attended: BA in Humanities, the Arts, and Social Thought '16
Currently: MA student in Philosophy at ENS / EHESS, Paris

Where are you from originally and which program were you enrolled in at Bard College Berlin?

I am from Vienna, Austria and enrolled in the Value Studies B.A. in 2012, which is now the B.A. in Humanities, the Arts, and Social Thought. 

How would you describe, in a nutshell, the experience of studying at Bard College Berlin?

It's been a transformative experience on many levels. Before I came to Berlin I studied Philosophy and Business in Vienna. Studying at BCB taught me to see the world through even more different disciplines, to feel at home in them, but – more importantly – it challenged me to look at it without any disciplinary glasses, to experience it always anew as fresh, strange, and wondrous. I was quite active in university politics and that, too, has helped me to grow as a person and taught me some good lessons. Many of my colleagues, and also quite a few of my teachers, have become close friends. 

How has the college influenced the path you've taken since completing the program?

Since fall 2016, I am continuing my studies with a Master in Contemporary Philosophy at the École Normale Supérieure / École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociale in Paris, France. The plan is to continue there the work I started for my senior thesis, on the transformation of normative concepts, particularly ethical concepts and particularly in times of cultural crisis. My research asks how the theory and practice of translation can help us understand such transformations and solve some of the problems that they raise for practical philosophy. In the spirit of translation, I also look forward to improving my French there.