Kerry Bystrom at Potsdam conference on "Postcolonial Justice"

Faculty member Dr. Kerry Bystrom delivered a lecture at the international conference "Postcolonial Justice," which took place on May 29 - June 1, 2014 at the University of Potsdam. 

The four-day conference aimed to investigate practices and norms of justice in a postcolonial world. It also sought to facilitate an interdisciplinary dialogue among researchers from around the globe with contributions from disciplines as diverse as literary/cultural studies, history, cultural geography, botany, economics, law, museum studies and the history of science. 

In the frame of the conference, Dr. Bystrom presented the paper "Literature, Remediation, Remedy (The Case of Transitional Justice)," which was also recently published in the journal Comparative Literature. In this paper, she asks what role(s) writing and reading literature can play in the provision of remedy for historical injustice, and looks at the case of South Africa's democratic transition through the lens of Chilean-Argentine author Ariel Dorfman's play Death and the Maiden to find an answer to these questions. 

The abstract of the paper is available here

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