Book on democracy in South Africa by Kerry Bystrom

Faculty member Dr. Kerry Bystrom has recently published the monograph Democracy at Home in South Africa: Family Fictions and Transitional Culture in Palgrave Macmillan’s series "Gender and Cultural Studies in Africa and the Diaspora." 

In the post-apartheid period, besides accounts of successful political change and attempts to shape a democratic nationalism, the public sphere in South Africa was invaded by a different kind of narratives: those pertaining to domestic life and to intimate forms of memory. Drawing on a range of works by writers and artists who depicted the first fifteen years of South African democracy by focusing on home spaces and family histories, Dr. Bystrom argues that these forms of aesthetic figuration present a compelling portrait of intimate and everyday aspects of political change, reveal the challenges of the democratic transition and point to unexpected futures. Furthermore, Dr. Bystrom argues that these ‘family fictions’ position private life at the heart of public culture, by enacting a form of intimate politics. 

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