Bard College Berlin delegation at conference on study abroad

On November 5, 2015, a faculty member and a student from Bard College Berlin, as well as two representatives from Bard College Annandale gave a panel presentation in the frame of the conference “The Reinvention of Study Abroad,” organized by the Council on International Education and Exchange on November 4-7, in Berlin.

Titled “Begin in Berlin: accelerating the study abroad experience,” the presentation focused on the first-year program offered by Bard College in Annandale and Bard College Berlin, as an example of a successful blend between the first-year study experience and elements of a gap year. By discussing the Begin in Berlin program, the Bard delegation encouraged critical thinking about the freshmen experience and a reconsideration of the traditional study abroad timeline. 

The panel was chaired by Jennifer Murray (Bard College Annandale); speakers were: Dr. Kerry Bystrom (faculty member, Bard College Berlin), Andy Butler (student, Bard College Berlin), and Mary Ann Krisa (staff, Bard College Annandale). 

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