Article by Kerry Bystrom on identity rights in Argentina in JAC

An article written by faculty member Dr. Kerry Bystrom and Brenda Werth (American University) was recently published in a special issue on "Rhetorics Regulating Childhood and Children's Rights" of the journal JAC.

Titled "Stolen Children, Identity Rights and Rhetoric (Argentina, 1983-2012)," the article tracks the development from the late 1970s to the mid-1990s in Argentina of a highly compelling political narrative about the wrongness of the dictatorship of the military junta, who kidnapped and detained in clandestine prisons up to 30,000 civilians, including up to 500 children, in their attempt to eradicate those they saw as Communist terrorists. The authors then turn to the present day, to a series of court cases aimed at recovering the stolen children which have helped shape public debates about the right to identity and national values. 

The article is available online here.

JAC is a quarterly journal for the interdisciplinary study of rhetoric, culture and politics. The special issue on children's rights was edited by Wendy S. Hesford and Katrina M. Powell.