Agata Lisiak at a London conference on migrant mothers

Faculty member Dr. Agata Lisiak presented a paper at the international conference "Migrant Mothers Caring for the Future: Creative Interventions in Making New Citizens," which took place on September 18-19 in London. The paper was titled "Immigrant Mothers as Agents of Change: The Power of Small Things" and focused on the everyday practices that immigrant mothers perform and that hold potential for change, both in the case of the immigrant mothers themselves, the society of the receiving country, but also in the case of the significant others back home. Inspired by Jeffrey Goldfarb's notion of the "politics of small things," Agata Lisiak argued that social change does not have to occur through action and speech, but also through display and observation.

The event was hosted by the Weeks Centre for Social and Policy Research, London South Bank University and CCIG, Open University, and funded by the Arts Humanities Research Council, and was part of the Research Project "Migrant Mothers caring for the future", led by Umut Erel (The Open University) and Tracey Reynolds (London South Bank University). The conference brought together a range of international multidisciplinary perspectives to explore how migrant mothers realise and problematise their role in bringing up future citizens in modern societies, increasingly characterised by ethnic, racial, religious, cultural and social diversity. 

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