Agata Lisiak on visualizing urban diversity (London)

On November 11 2016, Dr. Agata Lisiak will hold a presentation on Visualizing Urban Diversity in Focus Group Interviews in the frame of the workshop “Convivial Tools for Research and Practice” organized at University College London. 

Urban researchers use digital cameras and cell phones equipped with cameras for various purposes: photography and video may be inscribed in methodological frameworks (photo walks, photo elicitation, videography) and research dissemination (visual essays, blogs, conference presentations, exhibitions), but also in everyday ‘backstage’ activities such as taking visual field notes. Whereas some visual notes are explicitly research related, others, conceived initially as private photos or visual diaries, may seem irrelevant for one’s research, but turn out to be useful or inspirational at a later point. Dr. Lisiak’s talk will discuss whether mixing visual field notes and researchers’ private images is methodologically legible, and whether the inclusion of researchers’ private archive strengthens the collaborative nature of (participatory) visual methods projects.