Agata Lisiak on the order of nationalism (The Sociological Review)

Faculty Agata Lisiak recently published the piece “Order Built on Sand” on the blog of The Sociological Review, one of the world’s foremost journals for sociological inquiry in all traditions. 

Lisiak begins from Lucy Mayblin’s critical reading of Zygmunt Bauman’s 1992 essay Soil, Blood, Nation (which traces the development of national identities in Europe) to argue that, like Mayblin suggested, Bauman’s reflections on national identity prove inadequate and insufficient in the current political climate, and in order to understand these phenomena, we need to move beyond such Eurocentric perspectives. Lisiak points out however that Bauman’s essay is built around an observation that is still of crucial relevance: the order of nationalism is illusory. She stresses the importance of seeing beyond the rhetoric of order flaunted by past and present nation states, and of engaging critically with this concept. 

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