Agata Lisiak on migrant mothers in austere times (Discover Society)

On May 2nd, 2017 the article “Migrant Mothers in Austere Times: Finding Love in a Hopeless Place?” by Dr. Agata Lisiak was published on Discover Society, an online platform for sharing academic research with wider audiences, coordinated by the not-for-profit Social Research Publications.

Drawing on her research project Immigrant Mothers As Agents of Change conducted within the ERC-funded TRANSFORmIG framework, Lisiak discusses why, in the aftermath of David Cameron’s austerity-driven reforms—which have intensified socio-economic inequalities and placed the burden on vulnerable social groups—Polish mothers living in the UK paradoxically express satisfaction with their situation. Lisiak argues that at stake in this positive outlook is the fact that, despite difficult beginnings, Polish mothers who migrated to the UK have attained a sense of economic security and respectability.

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