Agata Lisiak at the 6th Biennial Urban History Conference (Columbia)

On October 26-28, 2012, Visiting Faculty member Agata Lisiak attended the Sixth Biennial Urban History Conference at Columbia University.

The papers presented at the conference explored the theme of the Cosmopolitan Metropolis, encompassing issues of ethnic and social diversity and economic and cultural globalism. Agata Lisiak was invited to serve as a chair and discussant on a panel titled "Cosmopolitanism, Nationalism and Urban Identity Formation in Eastern European Cities, 1900 to the present." The panelists analyzed the city's role as urban crucible from the perspective of turn-of-the-century Budapest (Alexander Vari, Marywood University), interwar Kraków (Patrice M. Dabrowski, Harvard University), and socialist/post-socialist Sarajevo (Emily Gunzburger Makas, University of North Carolina at Charlotte). Special attention was paid to the interaction between cosmopolitan and nationalist ideas, plans, and representations as well as their impact on urban identity formation. Read more about the conference here.