Agata Lisiak speaks on immigrant mothers at Humboldt University

On December 10, 2014, faculty member Dr. Agata Lisiak gave the talk “Immigrant Mothers and Cultural Memory in Berlin” at Humboldt University.

In her talk, Dr. Lisiak described her current work-in-progress on how immigrant mothers makes sense of the city they live in. She discussed how immigrant mothers in Berlin’s gentrified neighbourhoods navigate the intersections of various levels of local, national, and translational cultural memory and how, in turn, they communicate their understandings thereof to their children. Whereas most research on gentrification in Berlin addresses consumption patterns, processes of exclusion and inclusion, and real estate, Dr. Lisiak proposed to look at the workings of cultural memory in those neighborhoods. Further, her talk was an attempt to extend the scholarly and popular discussion on immigrant motherhood in Berlin beyond the dominant picture of low-income, stay-at-home Muslim mothers.