Agata Lisiak and students at EHU conference

Faculty Dr. Agata Lisiak and students Donovan Stewart (BA 2018, USA/Japan) and Mikalai Maksimchuk (BA 2018, Belarus) will participate in the international student conference “Europe 2017. From Printed Word to Knowledge: Local Traditions and Global Transition” which will take place on May 6-7, 2017 at the European Humanities University in Vilnius.

The 2017 EHU Student Conference aims to commemorate two important dates: the 500th anniversary of the first printed book in Belarusian (and the first printed book in East Slavic languages) published by Francysk Skaryna, and the 25th anniversary of the European Humanities University.

The two BCB students will give presentations in the panels "Post-Migrant Cities: Lessons from the Urban Age" and "Printing House and Revolution: Techno-Cultural Logic of (Social) Transformation."

In the frame of a series of pre-conference events, Agata Lisiak will take part in a special academic session on migration titled Approaches to Gender in Migration and Border Studies on May 4, where she will be presenting from her research project Immigrant Mothers As Agents of Change based at Humboldt University and funded by the ERC-project TRANSFORmIG. Other panelists include Olga Sasunkevich, Jakub Grygar and Kristina Sliavaite. 

Additionally, on May 6, Lisiak will deliver a keynote speech titled Women in revolutionary iconography: representations and appropriations, in which she will draw on her long-term research, partially funded by Marie Curie Actions.

The conference participation is generously supported by the HESP linkage grant awarded to Agata Lisiak as a representative of BCB for engaging in cross-campus activities including co-taught seminars, presentations, and conferences.

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