Recent radio interviews with Boris Vormann on US domestic and foreign policy

Professor of Politics Boris Vormann recently participated in several interviews / panels held by German radio stations, in which he discussed issues related to US domestic and foreign policy. 

On February 22nd, in HR2 Kultur’s show 'Der Tag’, in the aftermath of the February 19 Florida shooting, Vormann examines the potential of this tragic event to bring about a social reform movement and to change US gun laws under Trump.
"Shame on you!" – Emma und die Waffenlobby

On March 3rd, for Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Vormann analyzes the punitive tariffs for steel and aluminum announced by Trump which perplexed major world economies. He explains that Trump’s measure is a departure from international free trade and that it is unprecedented in US history, which may indicate the US president’s impulsive behavior on the international scene as well as his lack of a long-term strategic vision.
"Das ist eine maximale Kehrtwende"

Vormann also tackled the controversial punitive tariffs in a panel organized by SWR2 on March 9, in which he discussed together with Rolf J. Langhammer (Kiel Institute for World Economy) and Petra Pinzler (Die Zeit) how these measures will affect free trade, Germany and the EU, and how they may trigger a spiral of retaliation.
Zerstören die USA den Freihandel?

Finally, in an interview for RBB Inforadio on March 9, in the context of the recently announced Kim-Trump talks, Vormann attempts to explain the US president’s inconsistent behavior towards North Korea through the lack of an overall strategic vision. Vormann concludes that “Trump’s constant is that of inconsistency.”
US-Experte: "Trumps Konstante ist die Inkonsequenz"