April Gertler receives Berlin Senate prize for Sonntag

Guest faculty member and artist April Gertler has recently been awarded the 2018 Project Space and Initiative Prize of the Berlin Senate for the arts project Sonntag, co-founded and co-run with artist Adrian Schiesser. 

Initiated in September 2012, Sonntag is a monthly event which gives “an individual artist a platform to share not only their work, but also their memories and experiences.” The artist exhibits their work in a private apartment, with Gertler and Schiesser preparing each time the artist’s favorite cake. This adds a personal component to the Sunday meetings and creates a connection between the viewers and the artist. Sonntag has worked with 56 artists and besides moving nomadically throughout the city of Berlin, the project has also traveled to 5 other countries. 

The Project Space and Initiative Prize of the Berlin Senate is given annually to 20 project spaces and initiatives run by artists and curators as a reward for their contributions to the Berlin art scene. In 2018 the prize consists of a one time monetary amount of €37,000, which will serve to help Gertler and Schiesser produce a book which will be an overview of the last 6 years of Sonntag.