Michael Weinman contributes to volume on Charlottesville (Public Seminar)

Public Seminar, the online publishing project of The New School, recently launched the volume #Charlottesville: Before and Beyond, which includes contributions by BCB faculty member Michael Weinman. Edited by Christopher Howard-Woods, Colin Laidley, and Maryam Omidi, this collection of essays deals with the events surrounding the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in August 2017, being the first book published on the event. 

From the book’s description:

"#Charlottesville: Before and Beyond is a collection of essays, each of which touch on a distinct aspect of a complex and jarring moment in which the forces and institutions of ethnonationalism, politically sanctioned racism, police brutality, and the unrecognized echoes of our nation’s dark history culminated in an event that shocked the nation. We consider this one step forward in understanding an event whose implications continue to unfold."

Weinman, who is a Contributing Editor at Public Seminar, lived in Charlottesville in the academic year 2016-17. A suite of his posts on memorial politics in Charlottesville and the American south, as well as a separate reflection of the moral assessment of the actions of Charlottesville residents in response to the events of August 2017, are included in the volume.

As Public Seminar Publisher Jeffrey Goldfarb writes, "Michael Weinman and his colleague Isaac Reed of the University of Virginia played a key role in starting the discussion that led to the book. Michael is distinguished by being the only contributor with two chapters included."

Link to download the ebook

Note from the publishers:

"The book is free—we consider it to be our intellectual contribution to public debate—but you are invited to donate whatever you consider its value to be."