Boris Vormann on Trump’s first year as president (DW, SWR2, Deutschlandfunk)

Photo by Milena Schlösser

On November 7-8, 2017 Professor of Politics Boris Vormann was invited by several German and international media outlets to comment on Trump’s first year, on the anniversary of the presidential election win. 

On Deutsche Welle’s show “The Day with Brent Goff,” Vormann discussed the initial trauma of Trump’s win and his moves on the international politics stage . View the full clip here (source: dw.com).

For the major regional outlet SWR2, Vormann participated in an interview titled “Trump first” in which he discussed in particular Trump’s visit to South Korea and its effect on the relation between USA and North Korea. Listen to the full interview here

In a discussion titled “Topics, intrigues and irritation” for the public radio station Deutschlandfunk, Vormann offered his perspective on Trump’s lack of popularity one year after his election, the controversial news headlines surrounding his presidency, and USA’s position in the current world order. Listen to the full show here