Michael Weinman on Arendt, hospitality and membership (Moral Philosophy and Politics)

Faculty Michael Weinman recently published the article "Arendt and the Legitimate Expectation for Hospitality and Membership Today" in the journal Moral Philosophy and Politics.

From the article’s abstract:

What does the growing tide of displaced persons today teach us about the ongoing paradoxes of human rights regimes, which rely on the particular sovereignty of nation-states for their constitution and application but are framed and normatively justified as universal? Working with Arendt’s defense of ‘the right to have rights’ in response to the problem of statelessness which is the practical lynchpin of these historical and theoretical tensions, I specify that and why any person on earth, regardless of their legal status as a national or resident or non-resident alien, can legitimately expect two things from the political community in which they reside: hospitality and membership.

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