Laura Scuriatti at American Comparative Literature Association Conference (Utrecht)

Faculty Laura Scuriatti participated in the American Comparative Literature Association’s 2017 conference, which took place at Utrecht University on July 6-9, 2017. 

Scuriatti presented a paper in the panel “Other Capitals of the Nineteenth Century” organized in conjunction with the Writing 1900 research group of which she is a member. The panel’s aim was to explore aspects of nineteenth-century culture by looking at different loci, different artistic movements and diverse uses of the term ‘capital’.  

Scuriatti’s paper, "Against Passatist Florence: Another Modern Capital at the Turn of the Century,” dealt with the translation, mediation and dissemination of the ideas and works of the controversial Austrian thinker Otto Weininger in Florence at the beginning of the twentieth century. Scuriatti discussed how the reception of Weininger's 1903 book Geschlecht und Charakter (Sex and Character) by Giovanni Papini and other intellectuals on the pages of the avant-garde magazines Lacerba and La Voce influenced the work of the British-born poet Mina Loy. 

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