May 3-8: BA Final Presentations

On May 3, May 5, and May 8 2017, graduating students in the BA in Humanities, the Arts, and Social Thought, and in the BA in Economics, Politics, and Social Thought will give public presentations of their senior theses. 

Schedule of the presentations:

May 3, 2017

13:00   Osman Chaudhry - Welcome to the Anthropocene, What Next?: Technics, Life, and the Question of a Future

15:15   Oscar Becher - Early Cinema and the True Motion Picture: The Aesthetics of Movement in the Films of Max and Emil Skladanowsky

16:00   Charlotte Boccone - Blessed Oblivion: Filmic Visions of Fascism in Scorpio Rising and Romper Stomper

16:45   Andrew Butler - Internal Devaluation in the Eurozone: Intention and Side Effects

17:30   Benjámin Sivó - Investigating The Postmodern Sublime in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive (2001)

18:15   Philip Euteneuer - A Story of Two Books - A study concerning the interdependence of natural philosophy and theology, and the Leibniz-Clarke-Correspondence's role in their segregation

May 5, 2017

13:00   Lysan Boshuijzen - Considering the Human as a Site of Collapse: An Account of the Human in the Philosophy of Alain Badiou

13:45   Nikita Eremeev - Dictatorship in Carl Schmitt’s Early Works

14:30   Zsofia Hornyai - Paradox in Domination

15:15   Nan Hemmingsen Baron - Tell Me Something I Don’t Know: Learning Through Conversation and the Reading-Writing Paradigm

16:00   Isabella Lee - Both an Iteration and an Itinerant Be - With the Student-Subject, In and Beyond the University

16:45   Agnes Sandström - The Politics of Ownership

17:30   Talia Kracauer - Theater’s Fearsome Mirror: Cabaret as Political Theater

18:15   Riya Matthew - Spit and Social Structures in Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger and Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things

May 8, 2017

15:15   Ken Renaldi - Art Beyond the Horizons of Signification

16:00   Bisera Djundeva - On the Timelessness of Landscape

16:45   Salome Vacheishvili - Was Austerity the Right Economic Policy for Growth Following the Great Recession? 


Venue: Bard College Berlin Main Auditorium
Platanenstr. 98a, Berlin - Pankow (map here)
Admission free