Agata Lisiak published an article in Public Seminar on the results of the Berlin elections

A week after Berlin's elections, Agata Lisiak wrote an article for The New School for Social Research's Public Seminar. 

"After last weekend’s local elections in Berlin, my more optimistic friends celebrate what they consider to be the victory of the left, while the pessimists (or realists, depending on who you ask) bemoan the ascent of the right-populist Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) who received 14.2% of the votes. At a quick glance, the election results paint a picture of a city divided into rich and poor peripheries, established urban cores, and a gentrified center. Yet Berlin is not an archipelago and thinking about its individual neighborhoods as islands is intellectually lazy. Not only does marking Berlin’s eastern neighborhoods as strongholds of nationalists further stigmatize them, it also overlooks the growing popularity of the AfD across the entire city (and the country, for that matter), and that includes its more affluent corners. As this interactive map of the election results demonstrates, the picture is much more nuanced than it may first appear.