Agata Lisiak to participate in a Workshop at the Migration Museum in London

On June 20, Agata Lisiak will take part in the workshop "Creative Methods in Migration Research," organized by the Centre for Citizenship, Identities and Governance, The Open University and taking place at the Migration Museum in London.

The workshop aims to open up a space for reflection on the role of creative approaches in migration research and the role of research in creative work on migration. The presenters look at ways in which creative approaches can allow different questions to emerge, bringing about critical interventions in the kinds of knowledges produced about migration and in the process questioning the relationship between researchers, participants, artists and others involved in research processes. Bringing together academic researchers, community researchers and migration and arts practitioners, the workshop asks how creative approaches can help us to complicate narratives and representations of migration.

Agata Lisiak will present her paper "Visualizing the migrant experience through creative collaborations."