Agata Lisiak to speak at the Royal Geographic Society

As part of the 2016 Annual International Conference, which will be held at the Royal Geographical Society in London, from 30 August to 2 September, Agata Lisiak will present a paper entitled "Visualizing shifting values: mothering, migration, and stuff." 

Based on her fieldwork in Munich and Birmingham, she discusses in his paper how first drawing and then creating digital images yields new insights into how various seemingly mundane objects related to mothering establish palpable connections between people and places (Povrzanovic Frykman and Humbracht 2013). In an attempt to make sense of complex constellations of sharing material and emotional values that emerge through mothering and migration, Agata Lisiak turns to visualization tools. She will discuss the visualizations featured on the website she is currently developing and then move on to data analysis, focusing on the navigation of pressures and priorities related to mothering through the practices of giving and taking, buying and selling, borrowing and lending, as well as unwillingness to engage in any of the above. Her proposition is that visualizations not only help us to look into how said transactions are framed (Goffman 1975; Miller 2010) by migrant mothers, but also reveal their multifarious patterns and scripts. 

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