New BA Program in Economics – Happiness Researcher Martin Binder at Bard College Berlin

Dr. Martin Binder

Bard College Berlin expands its educational offerings with a new degree program that provides an interdisciplinary training in economics: the Bachelor of Arts in „Economics, Politics, and Social Thought,“ which will begin in Fall 2014.

In keeping with Bard College Berlin’s approach to liberal arts, the 4-year English language degree situates the study of foundational economics within the history of human cultural change and reflection. The fundamental methods and models of contemporary economics are studied in dialogue with the movement of intellectual history, and in connection to theories of politics and models of social functioning.

The new professorship will be held by Dr. Martin Binder, who begins his teaching appointment on April 1, 2014. “Here I have the opportunity to teach economics courses that focus on human behavior from an empirical point of view, and also deal substantially with ethical issues. For the students, this approach has the advantage of a closer connection to the way things work in the real world, and thus their education in economics has greater relevance,” stated Dr. Binder regarding his appointment at Bard College Berlin. 

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