Oct 17: The Wandering Image (ICI Berlin)

Bard College Berlin and the ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry invite you to the discussion "The Wandering Image: Plato and Contemporary Artistic Practice."

In Plato’s famous vision of the perfect state the free expressions of artists should be censored. It is common therefore to read Plato’s political ‘art theory’ as a blueprint for totalitarian and fascist states. But is it not also possible and more productive to regard modern and contemporary art as a systematic investigation of ‘Platonic questions’? One may, for example, regard the 19th century romantic interest in questions of the beautiful and the sublime as investigations into how aesthetic practices unleash and direct what Plato would call human erotic and spirited energies. Likewise, the move toward abstraction and the conceptual impulses in 20th century modernism can be seen as an attempt to escape the ontological conundrums of representative art first delineated in Plato’s Republic, while artists of the so-called ‘picture’ and ‘post-internet’ generations have been reconsidering the ontological order of representation from within a very different media landscape.

The event – in the form of paired conversations between artists and theorists – aims to not only ask whether Plato’s thought can shed light on artistic practice today, but also how contemporary art may illuminate and complicate our understanding of Plato.

Cristina Baldacci (Fellow, ICI Berlin)
Rosa Barba (artist)
Thomas Bartscherer (Bard College)
Yngve Holen (artist)
Philipp Kleinmichel (philosopher)
Matt Mullican (artist)
Moderated by Geoff Lehman (Bard College Berlin) 

Organized by Bard College Berlin in cooperation with ICI Berlin,
in the frame of the program "Plato Goes Live" / 'Eine Uni - ein Buch' supported by the Stifterverband and the Klaus Tschira Foundation in cooperation with DIE ZEIT

Tuesday, October 17, 7:30pm


ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry
Christinenstr. 18/19, Haus 8
10119 Berlin

Admission free

Further information: https://www.ici-berlin.org/events/the-wandering-image/

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