Oct 13 - Guest Lecture: Bill Schwarz on Migration

On October 13, 2017 Bard College Berlin will welcome Bill Schwarz (Queen Mary University of London) for a guest lecture on “Migration. The Makings of a Diasporic Imagination.” The lecture takes place in the frame of the course Migration and Exile. Journeys in Imperial Space led by faculty Laura Scuriatti

In this talk, Schwarz will explore how the practice of migration reconstitutes the possibilities of thought and meaning. He will follow this by exploring the intellectual consequences of the great Caribbean migration to the UK, which took place in the 1940s and in the decades which followed. This proved a profoundly important experience not only for the West Indian migrants, but for the native white Britons as well. There are two books which give voice to these collective experiences. The first is George Lamming's The Pleasures of Exile, published in 1960; and the second Stuart Hall's Familiar Stranger, published earlier this year (with a German translation already underway). Schwarz will argue that a diasporic practice of thought works to call into question all manner of fundamentalisms.

Bill Schwarz teaches Modern Literature & History at Queen Mary University of London, specializing in the Caribbean. He is currently writing a trilogy, Memories of Empire, published by Oxford University Press. He is literary executor of the Stuart Hall estate, and has recently published Hall's Familiar Stranger with Penguin. 

Time: Friday, October 13, 2017 from 5:00pm
Venue: Bard College Berlin, Lecture Hall
Platanenstrasse 98a, 13156 Berlin (map)
Admission free