Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office is responsible for maintaining the integrity and security of student records. The Registrar's Office issues the college course catalog, the student handbook, and all certificates and forms concerning student enrollment and course or program completion.

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All new students should submit an Emergency contact on their enrollment agreement upon acceptance to the college. You can update this contact using the Emergency Contact Form.

Students may drop and/or add courses during the first two full weeks of each semester by submitting the Drop/Add Request Form to the College Registrar.  Drop/Add Request Form

Students may request to take an additional or lower course load using the following form: Additional/Lower Course Load Request Form

In exceptional cases, academic credit may be awarded for successful completion of an independent study project outside Bard College Berlin's regular course structure, provided the project has demonstrated academic value. Students can fill out a Petition for Independent Study and submit it to the Registrar's Office.

Auditing is not currently allowed in Bard College Berlin courses. In exceptional cases, a course instructor may submit a petition requesting that a student be given permission to audit a course. The instructor should complete the Auditing Request Form.

Students may request a Leave of Absence using this form.

Students use this form to formally withdraw from the College or to request a change in program:  Withdrawal from the College/Change of Program Form

For 2nd-year BA students:
2nd-year BA students need to declare their concentration at the moderation interview taking place in week 13 of the 4th semester. Declaration of Concentration

For 3rd-year BA students:
3rd-year BA students need to fill in a Learning Agreement before studying at an institution abroad.

Requests for transfer of credits for the 3rd-year module must be submitted no later than the end of the first semester upon return to Bard College Berlin. The following must be submitted to the Registrar for processing by the Examination Board. Credit Transfer Application

For 4th-year BA and PY students:
The student shall submit the title of the thesis and the name of the supervisor and of the second reviewer to the Examination Board for approval at the end of week 13 in semester 1 of the fourth academic year. Declaration of BA Thesis Title

Disability Registration 

Bard College Berlin is committed to providing appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities in order for them to complete their program of study. Please see the Health Services page for more information. You can download the disability registration form here.