Student Activities

Debate club

Bard College Berlin encourages students to be creative and supports their initiatives through student projects that have academic relevance, artistic merit or make a substantial contribution to the social life of the college.

Since Bard College Berlin is a small community, student clubs in the classical sense thrive alongside occasional self-organized events and gatherings. Everyone who is willing to initiate a student project in line with our principles as an intellectual community is highly encouraged to do so and has the support of the college.

Independent projects supported by Bard College Berlin have ranged from photo exhibitions, fashion shows, short films and music albums, to foreign language clubs, theatrical productions and various collaborative team projects such as the yearbooks, and the Student's Guide to Berlin.

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Student organizations in the 2016/2017 academic year include:

  • Politics, Rhetoric and Debate Society (PRD)
    PRD is looking to create a fun and vibrant space for students to learn to speak, debate and discuss current global and international issues. We debate in the British Parliamentary style and attend tournaments around Europe every semester. We also attend Model United Nations Conferences! We're working hard to establish a strong community that loves to debate and help train each other to become great speakers. Beginners are always welcomed here! Hope to see you in out sessions!
    Meeting times: Wednesdays or Thursdays from 7.30 - 9.30 pm
    We currently hold sessions on campus (Pankow) and have practice sessions at Humboldt University with other students in Berlin.

  • Student Life Committee (SLC)
    The task of the Student Life Committee is to develop student initiatives that will enhance the social, cultural, and intellectual life of the college. The SLC gathers and represents ideas and concerns from the student body in the area of student life. In turn, the SLC works as a mediator between the student body and the administration in resolving these concerns. The SLC is chaired by a student head or co-heads, and includes the Associate Dean, two professors, the Residential Life Coordinator, the Student Affairs Officer, the Residential Life Assistants, and four elected student representatives. 
    Meeting times fluctuate, but if you are wanting to attend a meeting, please contact either co-chairs.
    Co-Chair Nancy Stanley (
    Co-Chair Acacia Mays (
    Please send us questions, suggestions, and queries about BCB! 

  • Subalternative (SUBALT), an organization whose members are part of diverse identity groups, is dedicated to discussing issues such as cultural appropriation, racial politics, and social justice. Their goal is the acknowledgment and celebration of difference and heterodoxy which the dynamics of cultural imperialism, neo-colonialism, and globalization continue to obscure. In addition to these discussions, SUBALT organizes events and pursues activism on campus. 

Student projects from the previous years include:

  • Performing Arts Club 
  • Russian Club
  • German Club
  • Socratea House: student-run café
  • Theater production of vignettes from Shakespeare's comedies