Campus Map

Bard College Berlin's residential campus is the context for a close-knit intellectual community. It is located in Niederschönhausen in the borough of Pankow, in the north-east of Berlin. During the years of the GDR (the German Democratic Republic), a variety of foreign missions were located in this neighbourhood. 

Bard College Berlin's campus is mainly comprised of 8 renovated former GDR embassies, each with a wonderful garden, one renovated former factory building, which serves as an art practice space, and one renovated traditional Berlin apartment building. The 8 main buildings were designed in the 1960s in the neo-Bauhaus style by the architect Eckart Schmidt. They now function as comfortable dorms, spacious faculty offices, a library, studios and performance space, and administration buildings. All buildings are within a short walking distance of one another, and of transport services to the center of Berlin.