Summer Language German Intensive

Students on a tour of Berlin led by Florian Becker

Bard College Berlin will host the Summer Language German Intensive from June 10 to July 10, 2017. The Summer Language course aims to foster language acquisition in a cultural context, and helps students with intermediary language skills improve their knowledge of German language and culture.

In addition to intensive course work, the program will benefit from cultural offerings that integrate academic experience with a feel for the city of Berlin. Students will have the opportunity to visit museums, galleries, and other places of cultural or historical interest in Berlin, and take part in various co-curricular activities that will help them immerse in the German environment. The cultural program focuses on five main themes: Berlin today; old Berlin and Prussia; Weimar Berlin; Jewish life, Nazi Berlin, and the Holocaust; and the divided city.

The program is organized by Thomas Wild of Bard College.

To apply for this course, please click here.