Students at a get together with internship mentors at tÍte in Berlin

Bard College Berlin offers advanced students the opportunity to gain practical experience alongside their studies by completing an optional internship. Students have been active in a wide range of fields, including the arts, human rights, publishing and education. An account of their stories and an overview of internship locations can be found under the Internship Experience.

The internship program is comprised of two components: The internship and the internship course. The internship provides students with the chance to contribute to an organization or individualís work. The internship course is designed to embed the internship into an academic framework in combination with reflective examination of the role of these organizations and individuals within Berlin and internationally. Upon successful completion of the internship and the internship course, students will receive academic credit.

Bard College Berlin assists students in finding an internship placement that matches their qualifications and interests. Internship placements are competitive and all students applying for an internship enroll in the Internship Course during course registration period. Both components are essential to the internship program.

If you are an advanced student, and you would like to apply for an internship, please visit the How to Apply section where you will find all relevant information. 

If you are an individual or organization interested in offering an internship place to one of our students, please refer to the Internship Host Information