Economics, Politics, and Social Thought

Students work together in an Economics seminar

The BA degree in Economics, Politics, and Social Thought provides disciplinary training in economics and politics within the framework of a core program in intellectual history that encourages the thoughtful and culturally well informed application of social-scientific methodology and principle. All students receive a foundational training in the basic tools of economic analysis and modeling, as well as an introduction to political theory and social and historical studies. At the advanced level, students choose a specialization in either economics or politics, and complete modules on comparative global issues, access to choice and decision making, and on key ideas, movements, methods, and challenges in each field. Throughout the degree, emphasis is placed on refining writing and developing mathematical and analytical skills. Regular assignment work for seminar classes is designed to ensure that students progress toward successful independent research, reflected in the BA thesis in the fourth year. Additional advantages and opportunities conferred by the BA program include an internship course and placement network, language study in German from beginner to advanced level, a wide range of electives in literature, philosophy, the practising arts. Study abroad is possible at Bardís other campuses, and through ERASMUS, and international partner agreements with universities in Brazil and Hong Kong.

Further information on the BA in Economics, Politics, and Social Thought is available in the detailed overview of the degree structure and requirements.

Degree Requirements and Structure