Irit Dekel leads a Methods in Social Theory course

Bard College Berlin currently offers five concentrations within its two degree programs. Concentrations offer students the chance to shape a specialized profile of study within a broader liberal arts education and are comparable to a “major” at other universities. Students enrolled in the B.A. in Humanities, the Arts, and Social Thought program may choose from among three concentrations, namely Art and Aesthetics, Ethics and Politics, or Literature and Rhetoric. In the B.A. in Economics, Politics, and Social Thought program, students choose between Economics or Politics. The formal selection of a concentration takes place during the fourth semester of study, when all degree-seeking students participate in the moderation process.  In order to moderate, students are required to present plans for the remaining two years of study to a panel of faculty members for approval.

The links below provide overviews for each of the five concentrations. The various modules (program units) that make up the curriculum for each concentration are displayed in graphics. A detailed explanation of each module in all five concentrations can be found in the module handbook for the relevant degree program (see the links on the right side of this page). Students may fulfill the requirements for a certain module through a number of courses. For example, the courses “Value and Its History” and “Introduction to Existentialism” both fulfill the requirement for the module “Ethics and Moral Philosophy” in the Ethics and Politics concentration. Current and past courses can be found here, along with the module each course fulfills.

Art and Aesthetics


Ethics and Politics

Literature and Rhetoric