Civic Engagement Student Fellows Program 2017-18

Civic Engagement Student Fellows program gives students the opportunity to develop projects aimed at improving the local community in Pankow or greater Berlin, making a difference in their home countries, and having a positive social impact.

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Fellowship Program Description 2017-18

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Application Deadline is Sept. 30, 2017


Civic Engagement Student Fellows Projects 2016-17

The project aims to trains student participants to be medical clowns in order to work with children in refugee camps, hospitals or marginal communities. The workshops focus on developing personal awareness, sense of empathy and ways of improvisation to provide children with a moment of joy and a feeling of personal agency.

Tell Your (Hi)story focuses on creating a safe space in which first-hand experience and insight into various controversial political or historical narratives can be shared and discussed. Through presentations and discussions held by students and Berlin residents this project hopes to raise cultural and ethnic awareness in the community and help to understand the gravity of reality of events that belong to the past and the present.

Student volunteers organize outreach to high schools in the college's neighborhood and offer workshops to assist high school students in developing the skills and perspectives essential for creating a successful debate environment.

The idea behind the project is to promote a culture of multilingualism. By reaching out to students from all over the city, Bard College Berlin Language Market aims to bring together different backgrounds and experiences either through a tandem program, allowing for a mutually beneficial environment in which all parties involved enhance their knowledge of another language and culture, or a language program, in which with the aid of voluntary native speaking teaching forces, the basics and fundamentals of a language are taught.


Civic Engagement Student Fellows Projects 2015-16

BCB Open Campus Against Closed Borders aims to welcome to our campus refugees, migrants, and asylum-seekers that are interested in the resources and community that a university has to offer, but who lack the status and means to enroll in one.

In weekly theatre workshops for German high school students in the local community of Pankow students practice their English through theatre as an effective means to not only explore a language but also to build your identity and gain self-confidence.

With so many different cultures and backgrounds on our campus, this project aims at promoting environmental education on campus. Introducing the Environmental Management System the initiative will make the campus community aware of what can be done to live in a more environmentally sustainable way.