Students browse old manuscripts during a class visit to the Max Planck Institute, Berlin

Bard College Berlin offers high-quality small-group teaching in the humanities and social sciences. Students have the opportunity to pursue rigorous, wide-ranging courses in intellectual history which serve as an indispensable groundwork for study in any discipline. They can also choose from a range of electives in philosophy, literature, film, art history, the practicing arts, and social and economic theory. Language study in German, from beginner to advanced level, is available.

Applicants to Bard College Berlin may enroll in a BA degree, or in a one-semester or one-year program suitable to their profile, background, and individual aims of study. The college supports internship opportunities and practical training, and has many established connections with the intellectual and cultural life of Berlin. Bard College Berlin holds its own public lecture and annual conference series, and hosts a social engagement program. Students arrange regular extra-curricular events and run a number of college organizations in the arts and politics.