Academic Senate

The Academic Senate advises and passes resolutions on all academic matters of self-administration which are of fundamental importance and affect the entire college. These include,  but are not limited to, reviewing plans for college development, proposing the introduction of new courses and fields of study, passing of resolutions concerning study and examination regulations, admission regulations for students as well as regulations concerning study abroad, participating in the appointment of the Deans, Associate Deans and Managing Directors etc.

The members of the Academic Senate currently are:

Catherine Toal

Bard Representative:
Florian N. Becker

Ewa Atanassow
Martin Binder
Kerry Bystrom
Tracy Colony
Matthias Hurst
David Levine
Katalin Makkai
Laura Scuriatti
Aya Soika
Michael Weinman

Academic and Instructional Staff:
Dirk Ehnts
Ulrike Wagner
Substitute: James Harker

Administrative Staff:
Sabine Beelitz

David Kretz
Madeleine Johnsson
Substitute: Clara Canales Gutierrez

Managing Directors:
Florian N. Becker
Taun N. Toay