About us

Students pay a class visit to the Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments, Dresden

True to the principles of liberal arts education, Bard College Berlin offers interdisciplinary programs in the humanities and social sciences, with a strong focus on individual growth and the development of essential skills in writing and thinking. Students engage in an integrated inquiry into the intellectual and cultural history of the contemporary world before choosing to specialize in an area of the humanities or social sciences (economics, politics, art or literature). Study in the core program and the studentís chosen field of specialization is supplemented by a wide variety of elective courses in fields such as theater, film, philosophy and studio arts, and by many forms of engagement with the city of Berlin, including museum visits, special courses, and internships. Qualifying students earn both an American B.A. and a German B.A.

An individual faculty advisor guides each studentís progress through the program, which is taught primarily in the form of small-group seminars. The language of instruction is English. All students have the opportunity to learn German. Opportunities for exchange and study abroad include but are not limited to Bardís network of partner universities and dual degree programs in Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Palestine, Russia, and the United States (Annandale-on-Hudson, NY; New York City), among others.