March 27: Historian Timothy Snyder (Yale University) delivers the keynote speech at the Conference "What Europe? Ideals to Fight for Today", co-organized with ICI Berlin, the Hannah Arendt Center at Bard College New York, and the German Association for East European Research (DGO).

ECLA of Bard is now Bard College Berlin. 
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Imagine a college where you’re part of a close-knit, international community that cares about intellectual and personal growth. A college that offers a solid foundation in the humanities and social sciences, where art and philosophy, political economy, literature, and the history of science are understood as intrinsically connected. Where you can qualify for two accredited degrees—a German and an American bachelor of arts. A place where the careful guidance you get from professors is matched by the caliber of conversation with your peers. Now imagine that college in the intellectual and artistic hub of Europe—Berlin—on a quiet, residential campus a streetcar ride away from some of the world’s best museums, galleries, theaters, and concert halls. Welcome to Bard College Berlin, a Liberal Arts University!

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